Previous mechanic assembled bell housing incorrectly! The spacer should go on the shaft.

Ferrari 308 GTSi major service

Ferrari 355 water pump leak

Parking jam inside the garage

Rebuilding a 1975 AMF Harley Davidson 250 SX

After 1000km this Ferrari 330 engine needs to be rebuilt due to incorrect bearing tolerances.

Old vs new 1750 Fiat engine

Ferrari 250PF

Custom socket

Maserati Ghibli steering wheel socket.

The Ferrari 456 came after the 400 which was an evolution of the 365 GTC4.

The Ferrari 612 shares the same engine with the Ferrari 575 with few minor changes.

What happens when you don’t drive your Ferrari?….Rats make it a home.

Mellow yellow 360 in for an oil change.


Tazio Nuvolari - Alfa Romeo “bimotore”  545 CV + de 320 km.h. sur l’autoroute Florence- Mare (1935) L’année automobiles 1962/63