Anyone can buy a Ferrari, but not everyone can afford to maintain one.

This particular euro Ferrari 308 is a clear example of how the previous owner decided JB weld would be the cheapest, quickest way to fix a hole in the passenger fuel tank.

The Ferrari 250 series incorporates a single over head camshaft with rockers to actuate the 2 valves per cylinder.

The only other type of overhead camshaft design Ferrari used places a camshaft over the valves…designating it as a dual overhead cam engine.

5 valve glory!

Every carbureted Ferrari has points unless the owners opt for electronic ignition improving the engines performance and reliability!

Maserati twin spark straight 6.

Mcdonalds owner of the 1996 Ferrari 355 GTS

When there is no tool to do the job correctly, we make one. This particular one allows us to press olds bushings and new ones in for the shift shaft on Ferrari 3x8s

Ferrari 330 engine rebuild

Previous mechanic assembled bell housing incorrectly! The spacer should go on the shaft.

Ferrari 308 GTSi major service

Ferrari 355 water pump leak

Parking jam inside the garage

Rebuilding a 1975 AMF Harley Davidson 250 SX

After 1000km this Ferrari 330 engine needs to be rebuilt due to incorrect bearing tolerances.

Old vs new 1750 Fiat engine